Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting on to the Silk Road Marketplace

From the Wired article, 'Underground Website Lets You Buy Any Drug Imaginable'
Silk Road, a digital black market that sits just below most internet users’ purview, does resemble something from a cyberpunk novel.

To get on to the Silk Road you will need:

Tor Browser
The Silk Road URL
To make a purchase you will need BitCoin.

Tor Browser

Tor list of warnings.
Download page here

I use the Firefox Tor Browser Bundle for Windows. Download page here 

Silk Road URL

http://ianxz6zefk72ulzz.onion/index.php (Link will not work unless you are using Tor)

***UPDATE, 12 April, 2012:
Find the current link on the Wikipedia page.


I bought my Bitcoin from a miner when I went to the Porcupine Freedom Festival, so I have never bought it over the net. If you can visit me in Charlottetown, PE, I can sell you some in person. Or you can buy it over the internet with Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange.

DISCLOSURE: I have never completed an order with the Silk Road. Nor have I monitored an order from the Silk Road. Though I am interested in monitoring an order if you are considering placing an order.


  1. Very helpful. I appreciate the info.

  2. The site won't load for me , i am using tor , and it says it is working , what is the problem?

    1. I've heard the URL might have been changed. I'm not sure if it has, and I wouldn't know where to look.

    2. New Silkroad Link:


  3. it changes regularly, go to the Wikipedia page for the most updated link.


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