Saturday, September 7, 2013

We must see our violence

Sometimes progress comes by finally seeing what was in front of you the whole time. It can be painful and embarrassing to admit what you now see because it means having to admit that you did not see it before. And you want to be polite and not embarrass others who also might not see it. And so it is left up to the next generation to tell their parents that black people are people too; that the Earth is not the centre; that germs can kill you; and you are violent.

Yes, you are violent. That is not to say you are evil, bad or even mean. You are a good person with good intentions. And you are violent.

I should define what I mean. When I write 'you are violent' I simply mean that you advocate the use of force against your neighbors. I am not judging the reasons for the use of violence or even the violence itself. I write to let you know that it exists and it exists because you demand it.

We have our reasons for urging this violence. Some people want to ensure that mankind not surrender to primitive desires. Such people may demand that the law direct police to lay their hands upon those who indulge in drugs, gambling or prostitution. Such people urge violence upon their neighbors.

Some people want to ensure that the wealthy grow not too powerful. Such people may demand that the law direct police to lay their hands upon those who pay low wages, charge high prices, raise rents or cut costs. Such people urge violence upon their neighbors.

In service to the future I admit the violence that I urged against my neighbors. That which I can justify I hold on to. That which I cannot justify I cast aside. You too are violent. You too may justify or cast aside. Or you may leave this labour for the future.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Officer Complaint

The following was submitted to Sheriff Dowling today.
Date: 22 October, 2012

To: Sheriff Ron Dowling


Officer Mike Hunter violated my property without warning or explanation on 24 September, 2012.

On the morning of Monday, September 24, 2012, I entered the courthouse shortly after 9am. As I moved through the lobby toward the courtroom for Judge Nancy Orr, I was engaged by an unknown officer advising that I remove my hat. The commissionaire, Stan Campbell, later also claimed to have engaged me about my hat, but either how I took the matter up with the officer. I established that this officer was requesting rather than ordering me to remove my head dress. He agreed. I then continued into the courtroom with my hat on my head as is my preference. As I entered the court room Officer Mike Hunter whispered something inaudible to me. He, from behind me, removed my hat from my head and took it out of the courtroom. I followed Officer Hunter out of the courtroom to the lobby. There I spoke with Officer Hunter and the unknown officer. They referred to the requests that had been made of me but neither referenced nor quoted any statutes, policy or the like. My hat was placed at the commissionaire's desk where I later retrieved it.

I, to this day, have not received an explanation about why my property was violated.

I am aware, and was made aware, of local customs regarding head dresses and courtrooms. If these customs are enforceable with violations of property I was not made aware of it. Consequently, I was not given an opportunity to choose to avoid the impending property violation. No such warning was given before, nor explanation given after the above incident.

I wish this complaint to help illustrate a pattern of irresponsible behaviour by Officer Hunter, should such a pattern exist. I would very much appreciate an email confirmation that you received this letter. You may also contact me to help clarify any unclear matters with respect to this indecent.

Thank you for your attention

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Preliminary thoughts on my court audio, obedience and intimidation


Judge: Nancy Orr
Crown: Jeff MacDonald
Officer: Cpl Marc Joseph Maurice Martin Roy
Charge: s166 of the Highway Traffic Act, failure to obey a traffic control device
Judgement: Guilty
Time: 9:33am, Sept 24, 2012, so says the court documents, but I think it was closer to 9:15.

Court.mp3 (26mins)

They ask me to speak clearly into the microphone (15:25) when my voice is clearer than theirs. Seems like a childish intimidation tactic.

Orr says the fine is due 'forth with'. Apparently that meant that the $1000 was due at the end of the business day, 7 hours later. The fine is now past due disqualifying me from community service to work off the fine.

It is clear there was no danger to public safety. Only the Crown Jeff MacDonald tries to put on any pretense that they are acting in the public interest, rather than using a power entrusted to them to force obedience and raise money for their organization.

I never refused to stand for the judge. Every request or order to stand was met with a question about the consequences of non-compliance. My questions were never answered. This is evidence of my 'attitude'.

Not standing for the 'judge' pt 1


Cpl roy runs a red light, lol

Are you being paid to be here today

Was my driving safe, and Orr asks me to speak in my big boy voice

How did you gauge my speed?

Not standing for the 'judge' pt 2

"That will certainly deal with not only the offence but also the accused's attitude in respect to this matter."

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